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 Call us at 925-2600, or email us Asktutor@Oldetymetutors.com  with any questions you may have.  We will get back to you promptly. 


When is the best time to start tutoring?

The earlier the better

The Olde Tyme Tutors motto,It’s easier to get ahead than to catch up!"  applies to all subjects and students at any level. 

Isn’t tutoring just homework help?  Why can’t I get an older sibling or relative to help?

Good tutoring is quite different from homework help.  Tutoring involves retraining—changing bad habits, learning to tune out distractions; as well as teaching study techniques so students can eventually prosper on their own. Our tutors teach accountability without fear of failure, so that each and every student can take pride in their accomplishments, achievements and academic abilities—demanding top performance, while at the same time reducing anxiety. Students can benefit from instruction by an older sibling or relative; but additional work with a tutor will make these help sessions more effective and more comfortable. 

Why do I need to bring my student to tutoring?  They are already going to school.

The goal of Olde Tyme Tutors is to be a true partner to the schools. Tutors are free to develop a student’s natural curiosity by selecting material and examples that are of particular interest and at an appropriate level of difficulty.  Tutors can then show students how to study effectively and advance at their own pace.  Once this is accomplished, a tutor can motivate a student to work hard and close the gap between their current level of understanding and what they need to accomplish to succeed.  This kind of approach makes a permanent difference in a student’s academic life.  Students who are prepared will make good academic choices, look forward to academic and personal success, and walk through the school doors with pride.

How much tutoring does my student need?

Tutoring times vary greatly.  Be sure to discuss your goals with the tutor and with your student so the sessions can be directed toward realistic and attainable objectives. Generally, the earlier a student begins, the fewer hours per week are required to keep them on track.  One hour of tutoring can accomplish a lot, since it is an interactive experience.   At a tutoring session, students ask questions, discuss the material, and get immediate feedback. This is often difficult in a classroom setting, particularly if a student is behind.

My student resists the idea of tutoring, saying it is for students who are not “smart”

Some of the most successful students come in for tutoring. All students, no matter what their skill level, eventually come across some material that they have difficulty with.  Students who are confident  usually ask for help right away, and then go back to class with the answers.  These are often the students that seem “smartest” in class.  You would be surprised at the excellent students who use tutoring services. (We always keep names confidential). 

What do I do if my student says she doesn’t want to come?

Ask them to try tutoring for just a couple of sessions.  Students usually enjoy coming to tutoring after they get to know their tutor.  If there is continued resistance, contact the office, and we can make adjustments.  Students make a positive choice to come to tutoring, and they should look forward to meeting with their tutor.

How effective is tutoring?

At Olde Tyme Tutors, we have a history of success.  The director monitors each session, and we provide training to all our tutors in effective teaching techniques.  Open communication with parents, administration, students and tutors ensures that goals are being met.    Tutors listen to the student's problems and develop individualized learning solutions that students can use when they return to the classroom. Students enjoy working with instructors that understand their academic problems, and who have successfully overcome these same problems. Through one little success at a time students are introduced to the joy of academic accomplishment.  Students learn that work does not always have to be hard; it can be fulfilling and rewarding.   

What if my student is seriously behind?

It is critical that a student get help as soon as possible.  Disappointed and discouraged students tend to avoid studying, and the problem just gets worse.    Too often ,students are caught in a cycle of failing because they fear to fail and then they just stop trying. Tutoring can help a student with test taking techniques and study skills that will extend to other subjects as well.

One of the best ways to catch up is to come in for summer tutoring.  Tutors can make the experience enjoyable by picking out material in the student’s area of interest.  One or two hours a week during the summer can make a huge difference in a student’s academic life.  A summer tutor often makes the difference between a student who looks forward to going back to school and one who hates the thought of returning to the classroom in the fall.

How can I be sure that they need tutoring? 

Early warnings are decreasing grades, not turning in homework, and lost of interest in school.   Our tutoring does not add to the students course load.  We determine a student’s academic level, and the skills they need to learn to progress. We then use curriculum based on the student's classroom material and interest.  This is the most efficient way of bringing the student up to state standards, while helping them learn the material being taught at school.  Students who are unable to focus in the classroom can often learn how to  be successful by discussing their difficulties with a tutor.

Most important is that the student's will be taught learning skills that he can use the rest of his life.

Do you provide help for standardized tests?

Yes, Olde Tyme Tutors has excellent instruction in test taking anxiety as well as for the GED, ACT, the GRE, the military qualification tests, and others. This  is private tutoring, and is very efficient, but students who sign up for tutoring in one or more tests should expect to devote  at least two times as much to private study in-between sessions as they do  to tutoring.

 How do I sign up, and how will I be billed?

Students can sign up by calling the office or by clicking the sign up button. This is not a contractual commitment, just a request for information.  Once the office receives you request, a tentative tutoring appointment will be set up and the office will call you to confirm your appointment.  Payment is billed in advance for the first two tutoring sessions. After that, students will be billed in advance every one or two weeks.  Tutoring cannot be billed for less than 1 hour but the additional time will be billed in half hour incrementst.

With 24 hours notice students can cancel individual sessions or reshedule with no charge.   If no 24 notice, students will be charged for missed appointments.

What if I need more information?

Feel free to call the office and talk with someone about any concerns, questions, or suggestions you may have.  Thank you for thinking of us. 





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