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Our Mission 



Olde Tyme Tutors was established to make quality tutoring available to all students, regardless of race, religion, national origin, or socioeconomic standing.  Olde Tyme Tutors is designed to enable students to have one little success at a time. Olde Tyme Tutors is a true partner to the schools. Tutors help our students seek out and take advantage of the many educational opportunities available in their community.  We want our students to walk through the doors of school with pride, and able to make good choices because they are confident in their abilities and their judgment.

Work done with a tutor, away from the competitive atmosphere of school, can be tailored to a studentís particular learning style. A tutor who is comfortable with the material, the student, and the tutoring environment can fill gaps in a studentís knowledge efficiently and effectively.  Students who begin at their current level of difficulty can rejoice in their step by step progress and can then be directed towards reachable goals.  Poor habits built over several years are eliminated and replaced with good ones.

Our tutors teach accountability without fear of failure, so that each and every student can take pride in their accomplishments, achievements, and their academic abilities.  Our tutors demand top performance, while at the same time reducing anxiety.  We teach students to be prepared, make good academic choices and look forward to academic and personal success.

At Olde Tyme Tutors, we realize that every child has valuable skills ó each at different levels of development.  We teach principles of scholarship, love and respect for education, and the joy of learning.  It is our goal to help every child learn at their own pace in a nurturing environment.

  And always remember:   

"Itís easier to get ahead than to catch up."ô




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