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Tutoring can have a dramatic effect on an academic career.  Good and even excellent students use tutors to help them stay on top.  As the school environment becomes more competitive,customized instruction can give students an edge, a “personal academic trainer.”  Often, in today’s fast- paced classes; a few tutoring sessions can make the difference between success and failure.

Individual attention can solve problems caused by:

  • low motivation, 
  • frustration with school,
  • lack of confidence

Olde Tyme Tutors will be there when your child needs short or long term help.

  • Our rates are affordable: 
  • There is no sign up fee, 
  • No evaluation fee, 
  • No minimum purchase. 
  • Sessions are scheduled at your convenience. 

Our tutors are highly qualified and effective teachers. Olde Tyme Tutors can provide that one-on-one educational connection that can make such a powerful difference.

An application is available when you click on the sign up button on this website.  Don’t worry about leaving part of the application blank.  Fees will be explained and Tutoring will be scheduled after you discuss your requirements with a member of our staff.

You can also call us at 479-925-2600 for more information. 

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